About Luxe Interiors

About Luxe Interiors

LUXE Interiors is a full-service, home remodeling company. Our Tradesmen are licensed and insured and offer a level of expertise, attention to detail, and in-home service that is genuinely exceptional. Our small size is by design and intended to preserve the degree of personal attention, flexibility and communication required in a truly custom approach. We take pride in maintaining high standards of ethics, professionalism, and passion in our chosen field. In order to provide the best service to our Clients, who desire home remodeling work, LUXE Interiors has developed an excellent system of Consult, Design and Build remodeling that puts your needs and budget first. Please consider these elements thoroughly in evaluating the suitability of our company for your project.

About JR

An accomplished interior designer, J.R brings a unique eye to each of her designs. Known for her keen sense of color and refined use of materials, J.R’s clientele admire the originality she brings to the well-appointed spaces she creates.

J.R attended Eastern Michigan University and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design and comesĀ  with a comprehensive design background. She has managed residential projects from the ground up working with her clients to select timeless finishes and furnishings. J.R is known for her distinctive, affluent yet refreshing design solutions.

In 1998, J.R decided to take her passion for Interior Design and Remodeling and move to Denver, Colorado . She started her own Denver based design firm. Due to the size of her business she prided herself on her ability to provide an attentive level of service to her clientele, a philosophy which continues today with Luxe Interiors.

J.R has perfected her skills through her hands-on experience with large renovation projects and new residential builds. Noted for creating room designs with sophisticated color sense and innovative finishes and furnishings, J.R’s distinctive style reflects her passion for the unexpected grounded by her knowledge of design theory. Though her trademark visual detailing may be present, each project varies, reflecting the tastes and needs of her clients.

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