Men’s fashion how to tips – (313) 593-3331 – custom suits – discounts

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Men’s fashion how to tips – (313) 593-3331 – custom suits – discounts


Dearborn, Michigan


18900 Michigan Ave,

Dearborn, MI 48126

(313) 593-3331


mensware house

Men’s fashion how to tips

(313) 593-3331


Custom suits and tailors

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mens warehouse x2

18900 Michigan Ave,

Dearborn, MI 48126

(313) 593-3331

8 am to 10 pm
9 am to 8 pm
10 am to 8 pm


We Guarantee It®

You’re going to like the way you look.®

For over 40 years we’ve been helping men like the way they look. We’ve been able to make good on that promise thanks to the world class customer service delivered each and every day by our dedicated employees.

Your satisfaction is the highest priority at the Men’s Wearhouse. If you are not completely happy with the fit, quality, or fabric of any item, you may return your purchase within 90 days of the original sale.

Professional tailors using the finest materials and equipment are available at every Men’s Wearhouse location. You will only be charged one time for the work that our tailors do. Once we alter a seam, you are guaranteed free re- alterations on that seam for any reason, within the limitations of the garment.

  • Free lifetime pressing on all suits, sport coats, slacks and tuxedos purchased at any of our 900+ stores nationwide.
  • Slacks hemmed while you wait, for added convenience.
  • 24-hour tailoring availability upon requests.


(313) 593-3331




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The Law Offices Of Joumana Kayrouz pllc

#1 Trusted Attorneys in Detroit – Southfield & Nationwide

(248) 557-3645


It is extremely important to know your rights if you have been injured in an accident. If a person has been injured in an accident they have the right to collect benefits for lost wages, medical bills and household services.

The law can be a complicated labyrinth of loopholes, deadlines and confusing legal speech. Our team of experienced personal injury attorney’s can help you navigate these complex issues and make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

(248) 557-3645


For instance, many people are confused by Michigan’s No Fault auto accident laws and they don’t realize that even if they weren’t responsible for causing the accident that they were injured in they must make a claim with their own insurance company.

This is what is known as a “First Party Case.” It is also important to know that you only have one year to file this claim and sometimes less depending on the language in your auto insurance policy. It is also possible sometimes to file a claim against the driver who caused the accident for pain and suffering this is called a “Third Party Case”. In this type of case you have a time limit of three years to file your claim.

At the Law Offices Of Joumana Kayrouz our Michigan personal injury attorneys have decades of first hand experience with all different types of personal injury cases and they are more than happy to assist you in deciding which course of action will benefit you the most.


The Law Offices Of Joumana Kayrouz pllc

1000 Town Center Suite 780

Southfield MI 48075

(248) 557-3645

Joumana Kayrouz Youtube

Know your rights

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At The Law Offices Of Joumana Kayrouz…

We Care

We Win

We Fight For People

Our Team is built around one solid principle. We care. The Attorneys and staff at our Michigan personal injury law firm care about our clients. We know how devastating an accident can be and we are here to help.  This commitment to advocacy starts at the top with our leader Joumana Kayrouz, who truly believes in helping people who are in need. Remember, not every lawyer is an advocate but every lawyer should be an advocate.

It’s true, we have and amazing staff of talented auto accident and personal injury lawyers who get results. With decades of experience between them in every aspect of the personal injury field, our team knows how to answer any question that you may have about your personal injury or auto accident case. We know your rights and most importantly how to defend those rights.

At the Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz we fight for people not insurance companies or big businesses. Our experienced team of personal injury attorneys believe in helping people, it is at the very core of what we do. So if you have been injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident and you’re looking for a true ally on your side, call us and we will fight for your rights.

The Law Offices Of Joumana Kayrouz pllc

1000 Town Center Suite 780

Southfield MI 48075

 (248) 557-3645




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